Sunday, May 1, 2011

Run-A-Muck 2011

How fun does this look??

Actually, if you can imagine, we started out looking like this...

Run-A-Muck 2011 was just as fun as expected and the weather was PERFECT for a nice run through the woods! Unfortunately, they had dredged the lake at the park the event is at so we weren't able to run through the water up to our waist. Oh no, this year was something much more fun.

This year we got to army crawl for 1/2 a mile through mud that was waist deep! I have never encountered something SO HARD in my athletic career! It took everything in my power to not scream "LEAVE ME HERE! SAVE YOURSELVES!!" when I could no longer move my legs because I felt like I was drowning in quick sand. It was so draining! Even more than the run itself with all it's lovely 45 degree hills in the sun. And to make it better?? Having to run with what felt like 10 lb weights on each ankle once you managed to drag yourself out of the mud.

Oh man, such a workout, but so worth it! I felt so good about how I did as well. Last year I had to stop a whole lot and this year I was moving right along like no big thing. Ok, maybe not no big thing, I may or may not have been huffing like a pregnant woman, but I still didn't stop and I felt really good about that.

I think our team finished in about 43 min, which is awesome if you think about all the hills, obstacles, and mud we had to endure! Next year I think Marisa and I are going to run as a costumed team of 2 and go as nudists with nude body suits and a little leaf covering our privates. Sooooo funny! If only 2 other CERTAIN SOMEONES thought it was funny and would join us! *Cough cough* Joey & Dom *Cough cough*. Oh well.

Anyway, check out my dear friends Maggie (and her friend Amanda), Ericka, and Michelle - another awesome team that ran the same race as us - great job ladies and super cute costumes!! (Also check out their blogs...).

So proud of everyone who ran and can't wait for next year!!

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