Monday, May 16, 2011

110 days to go (last post should have been 110 also...)

Just got back from my 6mi run (at least I think it was 6mi...) with Sara and might I say I had a TOUGH day. I couldn't tell you why (ok maybe I can tell you why, maybe it was Sunday Funday, maybe it was the pizza, beer, and pasta...but just maybe...), but my body was feeling pretty terrible today. My calves were tight, and my chest was tight, and I could feel myself starting to wheeze like I needed my old inhaler that I haven't needed while working out in ages. It didn't feel good. In fact it felt pretty down right terrible! I'm going to somewhat blame it on the mugginess and humidity that says rain is on it's way.

At least Sara had an excuse as she ran a 10k yesterday and was feeling pretty sore herself. I had nothing to say for myself as I hadn't run since my 6.5 on Friday.

I was thinking we were only going to do 4 mi on the Mt. Vernon Trail tonight since we were both feeling pretty blegh, but then we realized once we hit Reagan National airport that it was actually 2.2 mi till we GOT TO the Mt. Vernon Trail. THEN, us being the smart cookies that we are, decided to take a "short cut" to get back to the car, which ended up taking us whatever distance in the wrong direction, so we decided to backtrack to Reagan. That pretty much wiped us out so we walked for 10-15 minutes (in the right direction, finally), then booked the last 2 miles back to the car.

I'm only guestimating 6mi, maybe more/maybe less, who knows, all I know is it sucked a whole lot, and I'm not particularly looking forward to another run. And on top of that I forgot my new running if that wasn't the exact reason I bought them in the first place. So tonight I was stuck holding my iphone again and [not] tracking any sort of accurate distance. I can't be too hard on myself - at least we went and I'm super glad we went, I just wish I didn't feel so crummy doing it.

Bummer central.

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