Wednesday, April 27, 2011

130 days to go

Running in the gym is terrible compared to running outside!

Oh wait, maybe that's just tonight because my right calf feels like daggers are being thrust into it every time I took another step. Just what I need before my race on Saturday that coincidently happens to have a lot of hills....or one very big hill in particular. I think those hills Sara and I did on Monday really took a tole on my calves because I'm not used to it and now they are killing me.

I'm also pretty disapointed that the weather duped me into cancelling my run with Sara tonight and deciding to run in the gym. *Pout* Oh well, at least I got a nice little 2.66 mi run in on the treadmill before heading home.

Saturday is Run-A-Muck and I CAN'T WAIT!! Whoop!

"Let's Move!"

Ok - this post has absolutely nothing to do with running, but sometimes when you find something you just have to post!

I found this AWESOME music video of Beyonce's dance inspired work out to Move Your Body that is part of Michelle Obama's Let's Move! campain (which promotes a healthier lifestyle for children).

HOW BADLY do I want to do this work out and be part of the video?? Hands down the best thing I've found all day. I may have shimmied once or twice (or 10 times) in my seat.

If you're looking for me tonight, check my room, I'll be watching this over and over again trying to get the moves down.

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

132 days to go

Run #2 with Sara was awesome, with a few minor bumps in the road that won't be talked about. We did 4.51 yesterday on the W&OD Trail again in Shirlington. This time we went a different direction through the woods/creek which was VERY hilly to me (maybe not so hilly to a more experienced runner!). By the time we got back to the car my calves were KILLING me, but I was so glad I went.

I finally got my first taste of running outside during the summer - it was HOT and very muggy, but since we didn't hit the trail until 7ish it was barable. I think the heat slowed us down though because with the hills and short stop we finished in just about 50ish minutes. Yes, very very slow, but at least we did it!

Honestly, I don't think I'm too worried about how slow we are going, just as long as I don't fall over and die mid run...aka, just as long as I keep going. I think the best approach is to work on speed AFTER I know I can get I'm not terribly far! I'm hoping to get to 7 in the next couple of weeks! Our goal for last night was 6, but with the hills and Sara not feeling well and my calves starting to burn, we copped out at 4.51. Again, not so bad!!

I'm hoping to get another run in on Wednesday, anyone want to join?? I'm noticing that I have a real problem running alone so maybe it's better to get up the motivation to keep myself going. I don't know, the run last Saturday was pretty shitty by myself.

Anyway - until next time!

Monday, April 25, 2011

Run-A-Muck 2011

Run-A-Muck 2011 is this saturday and I can't wait for hills (shockingly), mud, and obstacle courses!!

I just found this little number on someone's Picasa photo album from last year!

I'm not sure, but I think Marisa and I are stretching up there in front....or mock stretching and acting like idiots, can't tell which!

This weekend I only hope for a great afternoon and great weather dressed like this...

That's me in the corner with the crazy curly hair! Obviously pics will come after the race and I will probably have a complaint or 2 if that first hill was anything like last year! Then again, I NEVER complain!

What bad run?

I'm determined to not let Saturdays bad run get me down! I'm going to run with Sara again tonight (Megan, one of my room mates, may come too!) and Wednesday. I'll report back on that later.

Thanks Chuck Norris - I think I can do it too.

Saturday, April 23, 2011

Beautiful sunny day on Mt. Vernon Trail - TERRIBLE RUN

I feel bad about myself and my run today. I was really psyched to get outside on this beautiful day! I was even on my way to the gym before turning around and saying "Hell no! I'm going to run outside!". I think that's where things started to turn.

I was supposed to run Mt. Vernon Trail by Reagan National Airport around 2:30. I've run it once before with Joey and Marisa last summer, but I've never gone alone and I figure it's a beautiful day outside I might as well get used to getting off my own butt and getting out there without anyone else beside me. Well, apparently my sense of direction is terrible and I ended up completely bypassing the entrance to the park and ending up driving 20 min into Alexandria before turning around and heading home. On TOTAL HAPPENSTANCE I find the entrance to the  park on the way back and decide to get my run on.

Which I thought would be great! The sun was shining and there was a nice breeze, etc, etc. It was a total disaster. I don't know why I was so tired today! I might have gone 3.8 mi, but I probably only ran about 2.8.

Sigh. I just couldn't get my act together. I'm happy I went at all, but I just want to know why it's SO HARD to be your own motivational speaker! I feel like if Sara, Marisa, or Joey was there I could have done a much better job.

Oh well, maybe next week...

Friday, April 22, 2011

What is Goo?

My aunt, Amy, just finished her first 1/2 marathon (Way to go, Amy!!) and in attempts to give me some advice she's told me to become very friendly with Goo. Basically, anything small and packed with sugar, electrolytes, and caffeine that can push you through the last couple miles....while trying not to go into a glucose meltdown and dragging my sorry butt across the finish line 1 inch at a time.

In my searching I've come across Clif Shot Gel Turbo and it sounds pretty promising. - CLIF SHOT® Turbo Energy Gel offers all of the performance upgrades of the new CLIF SHOT® Energy Gel, but also includes an extra concentrated caffeine kick for those days that require just a little bit more.

I'm sure I will soon run into those days that require just a little bit more.

Anyone else have any good advice for when I start hitting the long runs? Carry a 5 hour energy with me perhaps? Also, where do runners put these things? Fanny packs?

Wow, I guess so! Could you imagine me running the half marathon in my hot pink LuLu Lemon fanny pack?!

Oh, the remarks that would come out of Joeys mouth would be priceless.

I think I might need to invest in one of those.

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Blind running date @ W&OD Trail

My neighbor, Dion, "set me up" on a running date with his room mate, Sara, who is training for a 10k the other day. Somewhat of an akward situation seeing as we've never really talked before, but I could 100% use a running partner who lives 5 ft from my front door. Turns out to be the most PERFECT situation ever!

We went running on the W&OD trail in Shirlington tonight and it was awesome! We ran a little over 4 miles, probably could have done more, but I didn't want to overexert myself too badly on one of the first runs outside. Anyway - it was beautiful weather outside, a little windy and a little chilly. It was great and I felt really good about the 4 miles and not wanting to die afterwards. There's talks of doing 6 next week - I think we can do it!

Earlier this week Joey and I ran 3.25 miles around McLean and I was dieing! 1) because I didn't eat anything before I ran so I was running on empty, but 2) and more importantly, because he decided to take me up these massive hills! Not to mention the first mile or so of the trail we ran was straight uphill. There is this insane hill right near my old apartment in McLean that I REALLY want to be able to make it up before Joey moves out of the area. When we went, I didn't even make it up the first few feet. How pathetic.

I need to train on some more hills because Run-A-Muck 2011 is coming up in 9 days and if it's anything like last year, the first quarter mile will be straight up hill. YEOUCH! Can't wait.

Until next time.

Struggling 5k to Half Marathon

So. It's only been over a year since I have updated this particular blog. Since then I have done this...

Great Pumpkin 5k - Oct 2010

Love The Run You're With 5k - Feb 2011

Run-A-Muck 2010 - April 2010

As much complaining as I did in previous posts and as hard as it was/is I wouldn't give up picking up running for anything. It's healthy, enjoyable, and has brought me closer with a few particular people.

Since those 3 things, plus the race this whole ordeal started with, I've decided to do this...

(Oh, and Run-A-Muck 2011 dressed as Saved By The Bell, of course!)

Why? Probably because I was dropped on my head a few times. Or because both my parents used to be serious runners with my mom running the Marine Corps Marathon a few times and my dad/mom running Jay's Run a few years in a row. Maybe because I just want to be able to say I accomplished it on my own. Whatever the reason is - I'm officially signed up and there's no turning back now....unless I want to lose $90 ($97) if you include whatever crappy processing fees.

I'm going to try my best to chronicle this whole process of struggling 5k to Half Marathon. There will be talk of running shoes, sore feet/ankles, goo, and the like. If it sounds boring, stop reading now. For those of you who choose to continue reading, I could really use the support.

I have 136 days to go (roughly 4.25 of the hottest months the DC area has to offer).

I've said it 100 times before and I will say it again - "The miracle isn't that I finished. The miracle is that I had the courage to start."