Thursday, February 25, 2010

Falling back in love with it...

This week is dedicated to falling back in love with running (Mostly because I have a race coming up in a week and 1/2).

I've been to the gym to run the past 2 days in a row. I feel good about that. Tuesday was a lot better than yesterday, but at least I made it there both days! I am giving myself today to rest and then I will probably go to the gym Friday night after work. Marisa and I have also planned to run around DC either saturday or sunday afternoon which I am really looking forward to!

Another thought aside from that...I figured with all the running I've been doing I would have lost some weight and I don't think that is happening. In fact, I feel like I have been gaining weight, and that is incredibly frustrating. I think I need to take a serious look at what I've been eating and maybe the answer is there.

That's all for now.

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Run for Haiti 5k

This just in - Marisa & I will be running another 5k on March 7th: Run for Haiti 5K.

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Fun runs!

So, yesterday Maggie cued me into something awesome! Every Tuesday & Thursday night at 7 Pacers has a complimentary "Fun Run". People gather at the store, the runs range from 3 to 7 miles, and they are FREE and open to the general public...and what a coincidence, there is a Pacers in the heart of Clarendon...OH! And what else? Parking around Clarendon is free after 6pm? Yeah. It is.

After further investigation I am finding just how diamond in the rough this find is. I have been skimming over the event calendar and there are some awesome finds here! For example, this Thursday and next Thursday there is a Free Injury Clinic at the Pacers in Clarendon! Which is right up my alley considering I hurt myself just about every other day. They also post races on the event calendar. The one coming up soonest is the Back on My Feet - St. Patrick's Day 8K. Now I don't know if I will be ready for an 8k in 2 weeks, but it's nice to dream.

This is really cool and dare I say I am somewhat excited. I don't want to get my hopes up, but I am super psyched about getting in the gym tonight and going for a run. :)

Monday, February 22, 2010

Welcome Back.

I haven't posted in ages. Somewhat due to lack of information to post about and mostly due to a certain degree of laziness. I haven't been running in a week. A FULL WEEK. In fact, I am pretty positive it has been over a week, GUH! Can you believe that? What the hell is wrong with me? Now, there are certain key factors relating to this awful turn of events:

1 (out of my hands and most importantly). Snow: Snow has caused horrific driving conditions and binge drinking, which leads to complete and total laziness.

2. (work related) PMA: Photo Marketing Association trade show in Anaheim, CA that started this past saturday. Meaning the entire week before was dedicated to staying late at work, massive amounts of coffee, sleep deprivation, and trying not to kill myself.

3. (health related): SICK SICK SICK: This past weekend I thought I was going to die. It was lovely, I promise you. Friday I was feeling iffy, and saturday morning I woke up with an AWFUL headache, and body aches, and nausia. The whole 9 yards. I'm still feeling somewhat under the weather. Awesome.

I need to get back on the horse. I am going to have to unwillingly admit that I am 110% off the horse and need to get back on...and fast. I talked to Marisa last week about how I was struggling with this and how I've been thinking that I will not be ready for the 10 miler we had origionally planned to do. She was supportive, enthusiastic about getting on the horse even, but I knew she was disapointed and still gung-ho (however you spell that...) about the race in general. Something I have not felt in a few weeks. I blame the snow.

Shotty, but it's better then blaming my lack of motivation.

It's time to get back out there. Last Thursday I met one of Ari/Jenna's good friends, Maggie, who just moved to VA and is looking for someone to run with. Perfecto opportunity for me! We exchanged numbers/emails and hopefully we will get to running around the neighborhood soon! I'm psyched for Marisa & I to have a new person to run with! I also think there's a chance she will join AAR with us! All signs point to new running motivation in my life and that can bring nothing but positive vibes. :)

Stay tuned. I hope to get in the gym at least twice this work week, granted this headache subsides. I will post later about how my stamina has gone WAYYY down and how I currently struggle to run 2 miles. I will leave no detail unaccounted for and promise, it's as pathetic as it sounds.

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Get back on the horse.

I haven't been running since Sunday and it's Wednesday. I really need to get back in the gym and get a few miles on the treadmill. I have, however, gone to bikram yoga twice this week. It's making me feel really good and really stretched out and calm. I'm kind of hoping soccer gets cancelled tonight (since it's at 11:30pm, UGH!) and I get to get in the gym and run.

That's about all I have for now. I'm out!