Thursday, March 4, 2010

I'm boring -

So...the run for Haiti isn't happening because Marisa and I are both poor...and by poor I mean yes, we are poor, but I am also lazy. I haven't gotten back into it yet. I seriously have lost any and all motivation and I certainly don't love it anymore.

It's tough. And somewhat depressing.

I went to the gym on monday and was only on the treadmill for a total of 45 minutes. Pathetic. Only cumulatively running maybe 35 of those 45 minutes. Pathetic. Pathetic. AND to make matters worse, my coworker came into my office yesterday and told me that she ran 9 miles last weekend! I am so super proud of her because that is a lot, but I'm also devestated that I am nowhere near that mark.

I was talking to the pres. of our company yesterday at work and then last night at the soccer game and his advice is to just not train at all. Uh, NOT train at all? Is he clinically insane? He said he ran a half marathon solely by not psyching himself out. Yeah right. But then again, we all know this certain someone sells dreams.

Anyway - tonight I'm either going to run with Pacers or I am going to get in the gym and run a couple miles. I can do it.

I think.

I have to do it.