Thursday, April 21, 2011

Blind running date @ W&OD Trail

My neighbor, Dion, "set me up" on a running date with his room mate, Sara, who is training for a 10k the other day. Somewhat of an akward situation seeing as we've never really talked before, but I could 100% use a running partner who lives 5 ft from my front door. Turns out to be the most PERFECT situation ever!

We went running on the W&OD trail in Shirlington tonight and it was awesome! We ran a little over 4 miles, probably could have done more, but I didn't want to overexert myself too badly on one of the first runs outside. Anyway - it was beautiful weather outside, a little windy and a little chilly. It was great and I felt really good about the 4 miles and not wanting to die afterwards. There's talks of doing 6 next week - I think we can do it!

Earlier this week Joey and I ran 3.25 miles around McLean and I was dieing! 1) because I didn't eat anything before I ran so I was running on empty, but 2) and more importantly, because he decided to take me up these massive hills! Not to mention the first mile or so of the trail we ran was straight uphill. There is this insane hill right near my old apartment in McLean that I REALLY want to be able to make it up before Joey moves out of the area. When we went, I didn't even make it up the first few feet. How pathetic.

I need to train on some more hills because Run-A-Muck 2011 is coming up in 9 days and if it's anything like last year, the first quarter mile will be straight up hill. YEOUCH! Can't wait.

Until next time.

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