Friday, May 13, 2011

114 days to go (still...)

*yells* OH MAN! Tonight I ran 6.43 miles at the gym! Not exactly the ideal place to run by any stretch of the imagination, BUT I STILL DID IT AND I FEEL AWESOME! I'm telling every mile went by I kept upping the speed and kept thinking "What the fuck? How am I still going and still feeling good about this? And not wanting to die? And my legs don't want to fall off????" I don't know is answer, but I still did it!

And oh geeze did I need this tonight. After the past 2 terrible work days, feeling pretty awful about canceling my run last night, then getting drunk on my couch and eating a bunch of crap, I was not exactly feeling like a million bucks. I wasn't even thinking that I was going to make 4 tonight. I was even thinking about canceling AGAIN tonight while driving home from work. But no, the powers of positive thinking! Eep! I feel so damn good it hurts!

Alsooo!! Look what came in the mail today! Can't wait to try those bad boys out on Sunday. For $7.99, that ipod case is pretty damn awesome!

Sorry for so many exclamation points in this post.

Anyway, the rest of tonight will be spent ordering Chinese food (and not feeling bad about it), working on my resume, and applying my booty off to attempt to get out of my dead end job...all while having the biggest S eating grin on my face!

Bye for now!

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