Sunday, May 8, 2011

118 days to go

I ate a lot of junk this's less than 1/2 of it....

Sake Bombs

Pho @ Boyfriends brothers grad party

Flat Bread

Birthday Cupcakes

Today was Mother's Day so I took mom out to a nice brunch at Season's 52 (SO GOOD!). I tried to eat healthy with my lemon grass salmon salad, butttt I also had a glass of wine, 4 pieces of flatbread with chipotle dressing and shrimp, and dessert. Yikes! The day before I went to my boyfriends brothers grad party and ate things like fried rice and pho. That night I drank lots of wine, ate spring rolls, ate sushi, did a few too many sake bombs, and ate birthday cupcakes for a dear friend of mine's bday. Just re-reading it makes me sick to my stomach. By the time Sunday was coming to a close I felt pretty defeated about getting a run in this weekend, but I knew it had to happen. Nothing exciting, but I ran 4 mi at the gym, which I'm sure didn't really offset all the junk I ate, but it's still better than nothing.
I really need to get on a schedule. I also really needed to have not skipped my run Saturday morning. Shit's about to get real up in my training schedule. I hope.

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