Monday, May 16, 2011

111 days to go

This week in the life of Running Rampant...

  • Monday - Running with Sara
  • Tuesday - Spin class at Golds
  • Wednesday - Run....somewhere....depending on weather
  • Thursday - See Wednesday
  • Friday - Friends BDay dinner
  • Saturday - Wedding in NY
  • Sunday - Come home from wedding in NY

It looks like tonight is the only time this week the weather is going to cooperate and let me run outside so I am taking full advantage and doing spin class tomorrow instead. It's amazing to think this beautiful day is going to turn gloomy and cloudy and make it rain all week...and not in a good way.

I've been trying to make it my mission to do at least 5mi every time I run now, and on good days, 6mi (and on beastly days like last week 6.5mi!), so we will see how tonight goes.

Also! My lovely running mate, Sara, ran her first 10k yesterday so CONGRATS to her for finishing in a little over an hour. She kicked that races ass and then proceeded to hang out with me all day (ok, I hung out with HER all day) and do silly things like eat pizza and ride golf carts.

In her words "I'm wearing my race tshirt today to show people that I ran a 10k this morning - what did YOU do this morning?! Not run a 10k!"

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