Tuesday, May 24, 2011

103 days to go (still...)

Note to future self: Don't try to run 6 mi with Sara after running 2 mi and doing spin for 45 min the day before. You can't. You're legs will feel like dead weights and you will feel like a total failure because you need to stop 100 times in 5 mi. It's sad.

Self who tried to have a good run with Sara tonight and failed miserably.

PS - That thing on your wrist (otherwise known as the Garmin Forerunner)....learn how to use it before you take it to the trail. Knowing that you ran 43 minutes with 0 distance is clearly wrong. It's also clearly the size of your head and is not the most comfortable thing to run with. This will take some getting used to.

PPS - SARA IS SIGNING UP FOR THE HALF THIS WEEK!! SOOO pumped to have my running buddy with me for this!

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