Monday, May 9, 2011

Get on that horse, girlfriend!

An old friend of mine from HS, Alyssa, mentioned to me today that she was interested in running and starting the Couch to 5k program (or c25k as she called it before I stupidly said "OH! That sounds like couch to 5k!!"). I am so proud of people who decide to jump on the running horse as I know just how hard it was for me to begin training for ANYTHING. I couldn't be more excited for her and thrilled that she came to me to ask for advice.

With all that being said I've compiled a short list of advice for the running novice (not to say I'm a master runner now by any means).

  • Eat a little while before you run, no matter the distance, and drink plenty of water. I've come across too many instances where I went to the gym straight from work and had little to no energy for a work out because I hadn't eaten anything. You don't have a good run, you don't feel well or energetic, you feel bad because you had a bad run, you don't run again. It's a vicious cycle.
  • Come up with a bangin' running playlist and change it often. Good music is always a great motivator, but it becomes routine, switch it up a bit or put a long playlist on shuffle. I can't even count the times I got pumped up during a run where a good song came on that I forgot I had.
  • Don't get discouraged. News flash!! We're all beginners at some point! and we all have bad days where we want to give up. You're already 10 steps in front of the other person who decided not to start.
  • Find a good running partner. I was fortunate enough my good friend, Marisa, decided to pick up running with me. She was the one to always tell me "Don't ever think about being too tired, or there being a possibility that you won't go to the gym. I never let myself think that, I just do it." So I'm going to tell you - find someone who motivates you! ....and maybe someone your even a little competative with!

Those are the big one's....and if you need more motivation, start a blog [like me!] or join or just bite the bullet and sign up for the 5k so there's no turning back.

As for my friend, Alyssa, if and when you sign up for your first race (and it's in the DMV) - I'll be there to run/jog/power walk across the finish line with you.

Best of luck!

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