Monday, May 2, 2011

125 days to go

You know what the best part about running is? I'll give you a hint. It kind of looks like the picture to the left. You got it...


The fact that I am almost required, nay encouraged, to eat a ton of carbohydrates the night before a race (or before any long run for that matter) makes me giddy with excitement.

However, Allison, this does not mean not watching what you eat at all...which is exactly what I've been doing. I'm telling you it's been pasta, bread, crackers, cheese, etc ever since I got home from Thailand/Vietnam and as much as I LOVE ALL THOSE THINGS WITH THE PASSION OF A THOUSAND FIREY SUNS....I need to throw in a vegetable or two seeing as these also carry healthy carbs with them.

However, with all the crap I've been shoveling down my throat recently, I was told on Saturday that it looks like I've been losing weight, which was the perfect topping to my Saturday muddy Run-A-Muck cake.

Maybe I'll try to make that recipe to the left one of these nights during the week. Whole grain linguine with a ton of veggies thrown in and maybe some shrimp? I like shrimp.

*Sigh* This sounds like what I eat every night. I need to jump on the potatoe band wagon and start eating potatoes with veggies, or beans with veggies, or actually, nevermind - I'm just going to straight up eat pounds of pasta by the handful...

Anyone have any yummy high carb recipes good for a pescatarian who attempts to run a lot?

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