Friday, May 13, 2011

114 days to go

Yesterday was rough. I had an awful day at work which ended with me leaving late and cancelling my run. Instead, I drank ¾ a bottle of wine, ate my roommates mac & cheese and blueberry pastry (don’t worry, she knew and left it out for me!), and watched a Criminal Minds marathon on ION.

In case you were wondering, Garcia got shot and then almost shot again, but she ended up being fine. Then something about religion and murdering psycho pentagram killers happened and all the while I was really just wondering when Garcia and Morgan are going to get together. Actually, Garcia ended up meeting Xander from Buffy The Vampire Slayer and I think they are going to fall in love.

Point being – I woke up this morning and I’m taking it really hard that I missed my run (and ate a cupcake yesterday during lunch that wasn’t even that good!!). I’m going to go tonight and hopefully Sunday between helping my boyfriend and his boyfriend pick things out for their new apartment.

Stay tuned and hopefully these posts become a bit more positive as the days go on.

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