Friday, May 6, 2011

121 days to go

Yesterday my car got hit by a bad driver who doesn't know the difference between drive and reverse. Don't worry, it didn't ruin my Cinco De Mayo plans, just my running plans for tonight....sigh. I really wanted to get a run in after work today seeing as the weather is so nice and I feel so good about my run from Wednesday, but unfortunately I have to take my car back to the parents house so I can take one of theirs instead. Looks like I'll either be driving that one for a week or a rental car.

I'm hoping to have the motivation to get a run in before my boyfriends brothers graduation party saturday afternoon. Hoping being the operative word. Maybe another one on Sunday after Mother's Day brunch.

Anyway - on a totally different topic...I just bought this "Garmin Forerunner 305 GPS Receiver With Heart Rate Monitor". Nifty, right? Not only will it track distance and speed, but it also tracks the course and is a heart rate monitor. I'm hoping it will be a lot more useful than the ap on my phone that tends to totally drain the battery after a single use. I also bought one of those armbands that holds my iphone while I run so I can listen to music.

Bam! I'm going to start looking like a real runner in no time!


  1. I heard about your car... that sucks so bad, so sorry. What an idiot :( I got a speeding ticket yesterday. Bah. How much was that GPS? very cool.

  2. oh noooo! that's such a bummer! the gps watch was only $138 on :)

  3. I have the Forerunner too - it's really neat!