Monday, January 4, 2010

12 days and counting...

So the race is in 12 days and I'm feeling ok about it. Aside from the fact that I will probably freeze my butt off, I feel like my stamina is alright and I may even be able to get through the whole thing without stopping, that would be my personal goal. I'm not so much concerned about what time I get right, just completing the race in general.

To make things easier for myself, here is my running breakdown for this week (jan 4th-10th).

Monday: Bring Eddie to daycare, Work, Pick up Eddie from daycare, Dinner, GYM (Running)
Tuesday: Work, Jammin' Java to see Diane's DJ friend, GYM (Cardio, but not running)
Wednesday: Work, Soccer Game
Thursday: Work, Target to get running clothes, GYM (Running)
Friday: Work, GYM (Cardio, but not running)
Saturday: 8am run with AAR
Sunday: Rest

I hope I can stick to it - I think I can. I think I can. I think I can.

I'm starting to really enjoy running. Runners high is probably the best thing I have felt in an awfully long time. Last week I hit a brick wall where I went to run at the gym and couldn't even run for 15 minutes straight (read last blog post about feeling pathetic). I need to understand that I can't run every day and some days it's ok to do other cardio works outs.

Anyway, stay tuned and keep sending positive thoughts!

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