Wednesday, January 6, 2010

So far, So good.

2 out of 2 days isn't bad! I ran 4 miles on saturday and another 4 on monday, then 2 yesterday along with some other random cardio [because my body was just not feeling running], and I have a soccer game tonight. I have to make it to the gym tomorrow too or else I just won't feel good & then I will break on friday or do some light cardio, & run with AAR saturday morning.

I'm really liking having a running plan for the week. I should make these more often, because then I have something to stick to.

On a different topic, because blogs are supposed to be creative outlets, what is with all these people [and their new years resolutions to get fit] invading my gym?!? I finally have the motivation to go all the time and I find it completely unacceptable that on monday night at 6:30pm I spent 40 minutes looking for parking at the ballston golds gym before giving up, going home, and coming back again at 8pm. I was SO furious & frustrated that at one point I actually screamed out loud in my car! I would have gone to the tysons golds [which is almost never full], but I had to pick up Eddie from daycare and drop him off at home, which meant I was in arlingon anyway. I was ready to kill someone. AND to make matters worse, it was still a mad-house when I got there at 8pm and I almost didn't get a treadmill!! WTF!! - Ok. I am done venting.

Completely random thought: I really like it when I get on the treadmill, the person next to me gets on after me, and then gets off before me. :)

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