Monday, January 11, 2010

Chariots Of Fire.

Every time Marisa & I run outside with AAR (and by every time I mean, the 2 times we have ever done it) I am reminded of the Chariots of Fire theme music & running in slow motion. We are incredibly witty those mornings actually, possibly steming from the fact that it's 8:30am on saturday and we are both quite delirious.

Reason I bring this up is we had an AWESOME run this past saturday morning and I was really proud of us! It was icey, snowy, and COLD that morning (I believe it was in the teens). The group ran from the key bridge (VA side), over the bridge, and down along the water on the DC side. It was supposed to be 3.5 miles out and 3.5 back to make 7 in total. Marisa and I made it 5 of the 7 miles non stop! Which is pretty awesome for first time runners, I have to admit. Not to mention the wind was coming at us, which made it a hell of a lot harder to run.

We celebrated that night by going out with Becca (my cousin) & Jenny and getting sauced. :)

The race is this saturday morning and if this past saturday is any indicator I think I will do alright! I may not get the best time ever, but at least I know I can do it and finish in some sort of reasonable time-frame. I'm very excited.

Here is my workout/running breakdown for the week:
Monday - take Eddie to doggie daycare, work, pick up Eddie, drop Eddie off, gym (Running), grocery store
Tuesday - take D to daycare, work, pick up D, Gym (maybe)
Wednesday - Soccer
Thursday - Work, Gym (Light cardio)
Friday - Work, Rest
Saturday - RACE DAY!!

After this 5k there's only 4 more months till the GW Classic (10 miles) so keep sending positive vibes my way! :)

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