Monday, January 25, 2010

New running buddy!

So I've recently found out that my coworker, Louis, goes to the same gym that I do and coincidently is into running as well! Can you say extra motivation?! I think so! :) Tonight was the first time we actually ran together [well, not together, we didn't even start/end together, but it was somewhat at the same time and just seeing him running in front of me was motivation enough].

I had a pretty good run tonight. I did about 4.24mi all together, but that included a 5 minute warm up walk, another 5 minute walking break, and a 10 minute sprint on 6.5 (and yes, that did me in, YIKES!).

Anyway - I think those are all the updates I have. I'm looking forward to getting outside with the weather getting a lot better!

Stay tuned!

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