Wednesday, December 16, 2009

1 month to go

It is official. I have signed up for my first race: MLK 5K!!

I am very excited, yet very nervous about this. But I have plenty of supporters, Marisa is #1 of course, plus a few new running partners! I have convinced 2 of my coworkers, Louis & Kesley, to run with me. And Kesley is even bringing her kids to run! Also, anyone who keeps up with this should sign up too (hint hint, susan!).

This week is a bad running week for me though, so I am worried once I get back in the gym I will be back to sqaure 1. I got to the gym on monday, where I ran 4 mi, but the next time I will get to run is saturday morning with AAR again and that is supposed to be 6 mi. Ugh.

Another thing. I didn't realize so much goes into running. Am I running for time or distance? Well, I don't know. Apprently there is a difference when you are training for a race. It is a lot to think about it. And this crazy chromo-something or other-timer-doo-dad that I have to attach to my shoe during the race so I get the most accurate time. Can't I just run and enjoy myself and not have to worry if I ran a 33 minute 5k or a 37 minute 5k?

For inquiring minds, I ran a 3.9 mi/40 minute on monday at a 5.0 on the treadmill. I was really proud of myself, but the more I talk to other runners about it, the more I realize that is pathetically slow.


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  1. I'll do the 5K with you. I ran my first 5K for distance/completion. Don't get too hung up on speed - that comes with time and practice. It'll be fun & we can get mimosas afterward (alcohol is a great motivator - a lot of races I've done serve beer at the end, hee hee).