Wednesday, July 6, 2011

60 days to go (day 2 of hh schedule)

Today marks day 2 of the Hal Higdon half marathon schedule and so far so good! Last night I ran 4 miles in the gym in 37 min and tonight I biked 6 miles in the gym in 30 minutes. Not bad at all! After the gym today I was pretty ravenous so I stopped at Whole Foods on the way home to pick up dinner and some snacks.

I bought a these bad boys on the right because I was inspired by the blog Eat, Live, Run, and mainly because I've realized as I start to push for longer distances I will need something to keep me going. I haven't really tried any of these for that purpose yet, but I'll report later on if they actually do anything!

I think the Clif Builder's bar is the only one that will proove any results and quite honestly....I only bought the Lemon Zest Luna because they are delicious. Shame!

Anyway, tomorrow I have a gym date with Marisa at 6am in hopes I'll be able to run my 4 miles and stretch a bit and then meet people for happy hour after work.

We will see how it goes! Until next time!

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