Tuesday, July 12, 2011

54 days left (that's less than 2 months....)

I just decided I'm going to start posting my daily diet on this sucker as well in hopes that it will possibly get better or I will get some tips on what to eat to get my body going while running. With that being said this mornings breakfast consisted of a banana (eaten in the car on the way to work!), coffee, and a chobani pineapple yogurt. Yum!

Yesterday marked week 6 of the HH training schedule and last night was supposed to be a Stretch & Strengthen day. I kind of took that day as a "I'm going to make delicious vegetable soft taco's with low fat sour cream, whole wheat tortillas, steamed veggies, avocado, and cheddar cheese and watch the Bachelorette and THINK about maybe stretching". So, that is what I did.

Tonight I have a 4 mile run which will most likely happen in the gym because of the heat advisory around DC. I don't know if I'm happy about these short runs on the training schedule or if I'm worried I'm not going to be prepared for the Half. I think a little of both. Either way I'm getting more nervous about the half as the day gets closer!

OH! Also, I forgot to report back on my Clif Builders bar! It was pretty delicious. It was just sweet and heavy enough to carry me through my workout without being tired or too full. Although, I will say I have to eat further in advance than I did because I ran with a stomach cramp. Ick! But! I liked it so much that I bought 2 more!

There are only 8 grams of fat in each and 20 grams of protein, which is perfect for this pescatarian because I have a problem getting protein into my diet. I suggest picking one up because for a suppliment bar, they are pretty yummy!

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