Tuesday, July 19, 2011

46 days to go

Yesterday I went to a fantastic yoga class at the gym. It was an hour long vinyasa flow class that totally stretched me out and made me feel awesome and relaxed.

It's amazing how much your mood can change in a day.

See that diet coke over there? That's dinner for tonight because my stomach is not very happy with me. I was supposed to have a 4.5 mile run tonight, which I DID, but not very well....

That with a combination of heat and disapointment is giving me a killer headache and stomach ache.

I ran with Sara tonight and had to stop 3 times during the run. Granted, it was super hot out, probably about 100+ degrees, but I still didn't feel very good about my performance.

I was struggling a lot and I was really disapointed in myself considering how amped I was to get outside and run. My legs felt like lead and jelly at the same time.

Sara ran great though and kept up a super good pace. She kept back tracking to check up on me and then would continue on my way and I know she was trying to be nice, but it really just made me feel awful and a few times I was pretty close to tears.

I finished the 4.5 miles in just about 50 minutes, but I didn't feel particularly good about it. I'm also really super sore and not really looking forward to working out tomorrow. It's a cross day or short run. I think I might try and take the 6am body pump class. We'll see if I actually wake up this time.

Anyway, I hope Thursdays run is better than this one. The weather is only supposed to get hotter so that sucks considering I want to stop running in the gym! It's another 4.5 mile day. Ugh. I kind of can't wait until the rest day Friday...

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