Tuesday, July 26, 2011

39 days to go (uhh we have 6 weeks...)

89 degrees.
Feels like 90 degrees.
Nice breeze, but still sunny and hot!

Got in a very slow 5.3 miles starting at Gravelly Point Park. It was nice to get outside and I was feeling good even though I had to stop a few times. I was happy to get out there, especially because it's only 90 degrees and not 100! It took me about an hour or a little over an hour, but I blame that on walking a bit.

On a different topic - I think it's worth noting that playing Stop while trainging for the Half Marathon is not a good idea because things like this happen that can very easily hinder any sort of training...

You can't see how bad it actually looks, but my ankle is all types of bruised and swollen.

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