Monday, August 1, 2011

34 days to go

So this weeks work outs were pretty awesome.... I ran 5.3 miles on Tuesday, took a power vinyasa flow yoga class on Wednesday, ran 6 miles Thursday, took Friday off to rest, ran 4.5 miles Saturday and 8 miles Sunday!

However, I did that on Saturday! I was supposed to run at least 6 miles with Marisa around the track by her house and by the time we hit 4 miles and 10am the sun was beating down on us so I asked if we could find a shady trail around the neighborhood to finish up. We ran over to the trail and a rabid poodle with beedy little eyes and fangs BRUTALLY attacked me!! Ok, maybe that didn't happen, maybe I just tripped over my own feet and my ego is more bruised than my knees, but it's that poodle was intense!! Ok, the poodle wasn't very intense, apparently I just can't walk on gravel.

Anyway - on Sunday I made my first 8 miles! I was very proud of myself even if it was on the treadmill at Golds and GU helped! It's only going to get better from here!!

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