Monday, August 8, 2011

27 days to go

This weekends runs didn't exactly go as planned.

After my 7 mile run with Marisa Thursday night I was laying on my bed and must have turned over funny and pinched something in my back and immediately pain shot right up my back! It was awful! I decided to ignore it and try to run Friday after work because I wasn't going out on the town. I made it 2.5 miles before throwing the towel in because it hurt so badly!

I'm just falling apart here! First I get all bruised up from Jennys BBQ and playing Stop, then I fall over my own feet and scrape up my body, then I pinch something in my back doing absolutely NOTHING. Ugh!

After my disapointing run Friday I decided to take Saturday off from working out and pop a ton of excedrin, which proved to be a great idea, because come sunday I ran a nice easy 6 miles on the TM - when I didn't evne want to run at all! - and felt great.

We have 27 days until the 1/2 marathon. That's not a very long time, but I think it's doable. Tough....but doable! I'm very excited for that weekend! A weekend of carbo loading, sun, sand, running, friends, laughing about rediculous things with Marisa including "Wilson", and most imporantly Brett Michaels HOPEFULLY singing Every Rose Has It's Thorn.

Marisa and I concluded that if I run a 10 minute mile the entire time I should finish in 2 hours 10 minutes, which would be AWESOME! I honestly just want to finish at all. Maybe I'll concenrate on time another race.

Everyyyy roseeee has it's thornnnnn. Just like every night has it's dawnnnn. Just like every cowboy sings his sad sad song. Evvvverrrryyyy roseeee has it's thornnnnnn!

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