Friday, June 17, 2011

79 days to go (this should worry me more than it does...)

Sara and I hit the trail yesterday for a very hilly 4.1 miles through the woods of the W&OD. It was right after it rained so it was cool, but kinda muggy and humid, and there were a couple times either one of us could have very easily fallen down a wet/slippery hill and ruined our running careers for the next few months. Thank goodness that didn't happen and we finished the run in 40 or so minutes barrelling down the trecherous, sidewalk-less, busy road known as South Four Mile Run.

Because we tend to leave for our runs around 6:30pm (more like 7pm) we always get to see beautiful sunsets on the tail end or on the ride home. Last night was no different. Sooo pretty!!

After our run we walked the 15 minutes to Lost Dog Cafe where we split a pizza, Sara chugged a chocolate milkshake, and I threw back a beer. I will definately need to go back and drag Jenny because their beer selection is next to none!

Today I definately need to take a break from running or working out because my legs need a break. I was SO sore when I woke up this morning! I did Step Aerobics Sunday, ran 5.5 mi Monday, rested Tuesday, took a cracked out Zumba class Wednesday, and ran 4 mi Thursday.

I think I will take a break until Sunday and maybe then I'll round off the week with a 6 miler. Fingers crossed!

As for the rest of today I'll be hanging out with the furry beast that inhabits my house. I got my exercise for the day running around the park with him for the last hour. I've filled my quota if you ask me!

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