Thursday, June 30, 2011

66 days to go

I've been having a pretty hard time running recently. I don't know whether to blame the heat, hitting a wall, over training, or my own lack of motivation...but it hasn't been going well. I haven't hit a solid 6 outside in a couple of weeks, let alone get above 6.

With that being said - I've decided to take the week off from running in hopes that once I do pick it up again it will come back like nothing changed. Both Sunday & Wednesday I've taken spin classes at the gym and I hope tonight I take some sort of strength training class, maybe weights. Ugh, I hate weights.

Once this week is over I'm throwing myself full speed into a the Hal Higdon Half Marathon Training Schedule for the Novice, I have to start at week 5, but I consider the past couple weeks good enough training to make up the 4 weeks prior.

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