Saturday, November 12, 2011

Gobblepalooza 5k

Guesssss what! I PR'd! Holla!


I made it in 28 minutes on the dot and I couldn't be more thrilled (aside from my throbbing calves right now). The morning was pretty miserably cold, but with the jazzercise going on in the HS parking lot, the kids dressed as turkeys, and the general thanksgiving merriment Marisa and I were pretty pumped to get on our way.

The course was SUPER hilly. I had read that on the website this morning, but I don't think I was fully prepared for the types of hills. We ran from Mount Vernon HS, through a few quaint neighborhoods, and back around to the school and the hills JUST. KEPT. COMING! And to make matters worse, at one point a man with a stroller passed us...and then a child, no older than 10, passed us with her dad. I mean really, kid? I think we were both pretty psyched when it was over and we could get out of the cold!

The shirts we got were pretty silly - that turkey looks like he's on some silly hard drugs.

Gobble Gobble!!

Aside from the cold I'm pretty psyched about the 15k. Thank goodness for doing so well today.


  1. Hi,You sound like me. I just did a marathon, yes I finally took the challenge. It was awesome. I moved up to 16 miles before the big 26.2. Now I don't think twice about going for a 2hr 'jog'. Well done on getting into the running. It's SO addictive, I love it!

  2. Thanks so much! I'm not sure about doing a full marathon, it just seems too intimidating. I can definately see me doing another half or another 15k. Congrats on your marathon :)