Friday, November 11, 2011

21 days left...

I finally hung up my bibs and medal!

I don't have much to say other than I ran 11 miles so far this week and I have another 3.2 tomorrow for the Gobblepalooza 5k. Only 21 to get to 9.3, sigh, I feel like this might be another race where I just DON'T. FEEL. PREPARED. I know I will get there and it's not a matter of if I will finish or not. I'll finish (I hope I finish in a time that doesn't totally embarrass me). I just want to feel oh-so-good about it.

Hopefully if I PR tomorrow it will instill a bit more confidence in me for the 15k. PR would be under 29. I secretly hope for between 27 and 28 minutes.

This is exactly what Marisa and I will be doing if I PR...air high fives....and singing Calculus.

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