Thursday, October 27, 2011

36 days to go

Inspired by Ericka over at The Sweet Life...

Recently, on my runner friends blogs, I've been seeing a ton of inspirational quotes, pictures, and even videos over at Carly Bananas. It's made me think a lot about how I got into running and how far I've come. I can remember how I used to think 3 miles was a long shot, how I almost got sick after my first 5k, and how it took next to nothing to convince Marisa to be my race partner. I've come quite a long way in the past year and a half. Namely, having run my first half marathon. I am so proud of myself and my accomplishments and as the above picture says I'm not stopping. At least not any time soon.

Sometimes it's hard, I mean really hard to stay motivated and sometimes it's not, but the results are all the same. Healthy body, healthy heart, healthy mind. I run because of the swag, the friends, the mental clarity, and effects on my body. Amongst 100 other reasons. I'm not the best athlete around. Not by a long shot, but I'm the best I can be and I'm only going to keep getting better.

I even think my parents are proud of me!

36 days until the the 15k and I'm going to bust my ass to get there. Can't wait to blow it out of the water and get my hands on on a wind breaker and a large mug of hot cocoa!

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