Monday, September 12, 2011

Want to see something gross?

Pretty nasty, right? Yeah, I can assure you it doesn't feel so good either. That super black one started to bruise immediately after the 1/2 marathon and was only made worse by people stepping on my feet at the bar last night.

I've never seen, let alone HAD, a bruised toe/toenail before. As intriguing as it is I'd kind of rather it go back to normal so I can paint my toenails again.


  1. My 2nd toenail has a blood blister under it too! It's driving me nuts! I've had my big toenail bruise/fall off before but that was from someone stepping on my foot in softball. The blood blister is so much more painful. Meh. I think the humidity at VA Beach made my feet swell while I ran. Hopefully it won't happen again when it cools down :)

  2. Yeah! I don't know what the cause of mine is, but I've never gotten one before. I've heard maybe it's because my shoes are too small or I'm not wearing the right socks, but I think if either one of those were the case I would have seen something like that in training.